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Greetings from Kel'Thuzad!
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re: App: Aithur

The application submitted by Aithur is as follows:

Name : Aithur
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : US - Kel'Thuzad
Level : 90
Gender : Male
Faction : Alliance
Race : Night Elf
Class : Druid
Spec 1 : Resto
Spec 2 : Balance

WoW Armory
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Are you applying as a raider or a friend of the guild?:

Are you available for all scheduled raid times?:

Do you know anyone in Biscuit Front ?:

Past guilds and why you left?:
Disciples of the Blade was my long standing guild from Shattered Hand server. I just recently transferred over because the guild fell apart. I was with them from WotLK to MoP. I did also join Prophets of Destiny most recently but their raid times were too early for me to attend on a consistent basis so I transferred to a more populated server in Mountain time instead of Eastern.

Tell us a little about your past and present raiding experience:
I've been raiding since Vanilla. I've been in casual or semi-casual guild, and hardcore guild. I've beaten the final boss in every expansion except Vanilla. We normal got through about half of the hard modes or heroics before the next patch or expansion. In MoP, I did take a break and came back for ToT and finish that on normal mode. I currently have 10/14 in normal SoO. 14/14 Flex.

Tell us a little about your class and play style (use this area to show knowledge of your class so that we can gauge your ability. You can include screenshots of your UI, links to meters, or any other information to help show your abilities in game.):
I'm a resto druid. I have been healing as a druid since BC and know the role very well. I use Grid2 as my raid frames. I have decursive, recount, titan panel and DBM. I read quite a bit about my class on a regular basis.

Dual spec? (How comfortable are you with your offspec compared to your main spec): :
My off spec is Balance. I am honestly lacking in this department since I don't use it often. I only recently started building the set. I do have a working guardian and feral set as well though.

What raid addons do you use?:
Grid2, DBM, Recount, Titan Panel, Decursive,

Do you have ventrillo and a fully functioning mic? (Being one of those quiet types on vent is fine, but you must have a mic that works properly.): :

Why are you interested in joining Biscuit Front?:
I just want to be part of a raiding guild that fits my schedule. I love the game and love to raid. I am no longer interested in a hardcore guild. However, I do enjoy progression and downing new bosses. I just want to be part of a fun guild that kills things.

Tell us about you! Introduce yourself to our team!:
I'm a 34 year old Canadian. I live in Saskatchewan. I'm a IT Security Officer for the Feds. I have a Wife and Son. My hobbies include hockey, watching football and UFC, playing WoW and dragging my son to his extra curricular activities. Just your average Joe.

How old are you?:

Any final comments after finishing this long and grueling application process? :
Just looking for a good bunch of people and a guild to call home. Hope you give me a chance to earn a raid spot, thanks.

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