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Greetings from Kel'Thuzad!
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re: App: Thomz88

The application submitted by Thomz88 is as follows:

Name : Thömz
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : US - Lightninghoof
Level : 90
Gender : Male
Faction : Alliance
Race : Pandaren
Class : Shaman
Spec 1 : Elemental
Spec 2 : Elemental

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

Are you applying as a raider or a friend of the guild?:

Are you available for all scheduled raid times?:

Do you know anyone in Biscuit Front ?:

Past guilds and why you left?:
I've always been a casual/semi hardcore raider before but for the past few months I've decided to start playing seriously again. Mainly the last 2 months of ToT I've been really active and wanting to find a guild to progress with. I've never been the type to just leave guilds or caused any sort of drama that lead to any type of removal.

Tell us a little about your past and present raiding experience:
I've always had positives experiences with former guilds and raiding. I've been in a few guilds during the BC, ICC days and most recently starting playing toward the end of ToT.

Tell us a little about your class and play style (use this area to show knowledge of your class so that we can gauge your ability. You can include screenshots of your UI, links to meters, or any other information to help show your abilities in game.):
I play a ele shammy (which as we all know) the aoe is very OP and useful for aoe situations but I also enjoy being able to do both powerful dps and aoe.

Dual spec? (How comfortable are you with your offspec compared to your main spec): :
I could do resto but I'd need to build the set. I also have a holy pally and Mage.

What raid addons do you use?:
VEM, Elvui, Skada

Do you have ventrillo and a fully functioning mic? (Being one of those quiet types on vent is fine, but you must have a mic that works properly.): :

Why are you interested in joining Biscuit Front?:
Yes! very much interested.

Tell us about you! Introduce yourself to our team!:
My name is Thomas Garcia, I'm from southern California, i also work full time but I'm a total wow fnatic. I enjoy watching/talking about sports (it can be anything really). :P

How old are you?:

Any final comments after finishing this long and grueling application process? :
Hopefully I made a impression and you'd be willing to be me a shot. Thank you for the application!

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re: CLOSED - App: Thomz88 - by Shabbro

Hey there Thomz, just looking over your application and everything seems pretty good. Why don't you add me at Calsh#1673 if you haven't already and we'll talk more. One question I do have is how much would you have to work on gearing up a resto set? Right now we two heal most fights in SoO but there are a couple that require three and a resto shaman is especially useful for those.
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